Due to the Non-Disclosure Agreement, the details regarding the project can’t be shared other than what is available in the public domain.
Pramod worked in a hybrid mode as a design intern with the team of Aretto® for 6 months (1 May 2018 to 1 Dec 2018).

About Aretto®:
Aretto® is a kids footwear brand deep-rooted in technology, superior quality, and ultimate comfort.

Design brief:
Designing and developing footwear for children that can grow (the size can increase) with respect to the growing size of the feet.

Design solution:
An innovative sole of the shoe with grooves in it at strategic points to expand with respect to the children's growing feet, with the upper of the shoe knitted in a manner for 360-degree elasticity.

Awards and recognitions:
• India Design Mark 2023.
• Global Footwear Award 2022 (Overall Winner).

IPRs (Intellectual property rights):
Utility patent and design registration has been granted.

Project status:
Soft-launched in April 2022.
Technology showcase - Expansion

Aretto Shoe features on History TV18

© Aretto®

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